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MAKE UP ART - 7 points guide for make up brushes

by Admin CS-Cart
MAKE UP ART - 7 points guide for make up brushes | Make Up Art

Makeup brushes are essential accessories. Here are the basics that should never be missing from your vanity case. We suggest you some of them.

Brush for terracotta, powder and blush. This type of brush is necessary to create the oval shape and then apply powder products such as powder, terracotta, blush and make shadows. It should have a rounded shape and width similar to that of a small sphere. The bristles of a brush are good to be abundant and dense, but at the same time soft and soft when they come in contact with the face.

Foundation brush (500-507-509-511). The base brush is an essential tool for applying liquid makeup products. It has a flat shape and its edge is either rectangular or round. You can find it in synthetic hairs that must be compact, to have the perfect fit and to avoid the mask effect! Use Kabuki: it is a brush with a small handle and has soft bristles that allow circular movements on the face.

Concealer Brush (515-521-511). Among the makeup brushes is the one that looks more like the foundation application brush. It is made of synthetic and compact hair and is used to apply the concealer to the area around the eyes that is usually affected by dark circles. Another important use is to perfectly cover imperfections, such as discolorations or pimples. By applying this brush, the result will be as if you have had cosmetic surgery! This is a medium-sized brush with a rounded tip, which allows the product to work very well. Its hairs must be compact and rigid, in order to achieve the perfect distribution of the product.

Underground brush for eyebrows and shading (526). Do not think that this brush is not necessary for the daily beauty routine: you made a big mistake! The toning and shape of the eyebrows is necessary to open your gaze and give it intensity. It usually has two sides: one with the comb allows you to comb and shape the eyebrows, while the one with the bristles allows you to fill in the gaps. The brush must always be angled to accurately draw an oblique line. This type of brush is also great for blending eye pencil at the root of the lashes.

Eyeshadow brush (513-514-516-517-524-525-527). They have different shapes and sizes. They are usually small and flat with a rounded shape. The hairs are compact but at the same time soft, so that the shadows on the eyelid blend perfectly.

Eyeliner brush (519-528). Applying eyeliner is always a delicate process that requires the perfect application of the product in the outer corner. It is a sharp brush with very flexible bristles that allow the application of eyeliner in paste with great ease.

Lip brush (518). Usually all lipsticks and glosses have their own application brush or in any case they can be easily applied even without a brush, but not the very intense colors. In this case it is better to use a brush to draw the contour of the lips and apply the color giving it more intensity. It is definitely small, its shape is triangular, with compact and rigid hairs.

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